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Vastu Interior Designer DelhiInterior designers know the exact placement of decorative things when you a person who is an interior designer as well as vastu expert, then things will go upside. To make your home occupied with positive energy and harmony, you need to hire a vastu interior designer in Delhi who can tell you the right placement of things and construction. Vastu interior is an ancient approach but it has a big relevance in modern times. It is a scientific approach to grab prosperity and happiness to your residence.

Here we have some effective tips that will make your living more peaceful and positive


As per the Vastu Shastra, the house which faces towards South direction should have a living room in Southeast direction. If the house facing east or north, the living room should be positioned in the northeast direction. West facing house should have a living room in northwest location. These are some important direction and rules which needs to be implemented. Everything should be in the right direction to fetch happiness in life. Keyvendors has occupied respected interior designers cum Vastu experts who how to design your living room.  

Setting up Furniture

According to the Vastu Shastra, the furniture should have the square and rectangular shape, if you choose furniture with an odd shape, it will bring negativity in the house. The position of deity statue should be on a raised platform such as a table or between the edges of the furniture. The furniture should be set in a way so that it doesn’t make space congested and people can move freely. The heavy furniture needs to set up towards the south and west walls, but make sure furniture is not touching the walls.  Our duty is to get fantastic interior design for home as well as bring prosperity by setting up accessories and decoration components.

Interior Decoration

If you are decorating your room, the Vastu suggests decorating with motivational painting, which brings positivity. The direction of paintings is also important it will depend upon what is painting all about. The picture of greenery and natural environment should be placed in the east direction. The waterfall painting needs to be hanged in the north wall. You can also place fish aquarium can be set on the east, north or northeast direction. Don’t use negative pictures like war, despair and crying in the living room. You can also place chandelier slightly towards the west.  All these things can be done through the proficient interior designer in Delhi provided by Keyvendors who have also the expertise of Vastu Shastra.

Color planning

According to the vastu interior, the colors represent the direction and it depends upon the ruling planet and the horoscope of the living members. The sophisticated colors for home are green, yellow, blue and white. The blue color is ideal for the west direction and the ruling planet is Saturn. White color is appropriate for the east and it is ruled by the sun.  Avoid using black and red because these are signs of negativity

The setting of Electrical components

The telephone should be placed north, east and southeast direction. Television needs to be placed in southwest corner and when it comes to installing an air conditioner unit, it should be installed in the west direction. The vastu Interior designer of Keyvendors tells you the correct direction so that you can get ample advantages.  

If you have a sweet family picture you can place it in the living room. A picture of any deity positioned overhead the entry gate will carry out positivity and happiness in home. Install false ceiling to cover beams because they are the sign of negativity.  


These are some Vastu Interior tips provided by Keyvendors and if you follow these tips, you will definitely get prosperity and happiness in your house atmosphere. For deep knowledge and information kindly go through our official website or you can contact us through email and phone number mentioned on the website.

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